Pre-Christmas Challenge.

tumblr_ngo3syPdwS1rqak9yo1_500.gifHello! On Friday I went around Taipei101 and guess what? CHRISTMAS IS EVERYWHERE (but no holliday to be seen, come on Taiwan give Santa Claus some love). So I wanted to bring to you a small challenge for this December. Actually I just thought about it and will come up with this ideas as I am writing the blog (improvisation, yeay). Every challenge will take up to two days, since sometimes we need a bit more of time to get things done. So, NO EXCUSES.

December 1st and 2nd: Those elves dancingelf.gif to the Watch Me Nae Nae are a really nice postcard, but nothing better than a REAL postcard. Go buy one nice Christmas card, or do your own and send it to someone you love. I can tell you there’s nothing better than receiving a letter, call me old-fashioned but snail mail is the beeest. (Christmas cards/drawings/postcards are welcomed of course and a reply will be received if you write your address on it: Taipei, Shida Rd. No 74, 5F. In case you are a psycopath or a kidnapper, I am kidding that’s not my address. In case you are not, it’s okay sending candies there)

December 3rd and 4th: Pet a dog. Or a cat. Or a turtle. Last Friday I went with Lesly and Ari (Ari is my new roommate, since Yemy moved to Hsinchu) near Taipei 101 and there are always dogs there from a dog shelter, I spent about two minutes petting one and my mood went from amazing to AMAAAZING.


December 5th and 6th: Read. A poem, a novel, a short story. Anything. In case you can read Spanish I would totally recommend a dosis of Benedetti (I am in love with that man’s words), in case you can not… Well, that’s a sad life. I actually love Edgar Allan Poe, but I don’t know if that’s a good recommendation for this season. If you want some light reading, go for Thought Catalog.

December 7th and 8th: Watch a TED talk. It can take only 5 minutes of your time but leave a worthy knowledge or a nice message.

December 9th and 10th: Remember your New Year’s goals? Any you have not accomplish yet? Well, try accomplishing it today. Or at least working towards it. Was your goal reading 100 books and you just read 20? Oh well, start one book today, 21 is better than 20. Was your goal becoming a whole fitness guru but you are eating a bag of chips while reading this? Do an exercise routine at least three times every week for the rest of th year. Was your goal discovering the cure to a disease? Well… uhm… You go figure out what you can do about it!


December 11th and 12th: Think 12 things you are grateful for about this year. Anything. Maybe the sandwich your best friend shared with you while skipping class on that lazy Wednesday, maybe your parents becoming more “chill” this year, etc. WRITE THEM DOWN! Writing things down makes it more visual, therefore you will appreciate it more.

December 13th and 14th:
Christmas is synonym of overeating so why not going for a run? (No one likes running, I know… so just do anything that implies you leaving your bed…. NO, not walking to the fridge)

giphy (1).gif

December 15th and 16th: Watch a Christmas movie, or any movie if you are not into Christmas. I don’t judge. Extra points if you don’t watch it alone.

ns3w0wstxcj962ydiu5scsxipnwtjmsojzkimevtyyfdkrpgdd0yvp1rsstrq8wyDecember 17th and 18th: Get back in touch with someone. Go for a coffee, send a long inbox, phone call. Anyone stuck in the back of your mind with whom you haven’t talk lately? Better not close the year without letting them know you think about them. But don’t even there just text them “what’s up?” unless it is a “what’s up? When are you free? We should meet before the year ends!” Okay? OKAY. (PS: No, don’t use this post as an excuse to drunk text/call someone who you know you should not. NO.)

December 19th and 20th: Clean your room. Yeah, it has to be done. No, not tomorrow. If you can even change the covers. Or move something around

December 21st: Do something nice for someone. Buy a meal for someone in need, say some kind words to someone who seems like having a bad day. Wash the dishes after dinner. Go by the streets throwing candycanes at people (be careful with the yes though). Get creative, and be nice.

December 22nd: TREAT YO’SELF. Any cravings? Icecream? Cupcakes? Cheesecake? Baleadas con todo? Go for it. Or maybe there was this thing you REALLY wanted to purchase but then these second thoughts attacked you? Well, today is the day.

December 23rd: Hug someone. I know you want to.


December 24th: Gather with those you love, have a nice dinner or at least a nice talk… and don’t use your cellphone while you are on it. NO, don’t even stare at it.


December 25th: Merry Christmas to you all! Today just spread the love, be happy, be giggly, be positive, smile all around, be polite, and enjoy the last 6 days of the year. 

You can make these tiny teeny challenges in any order. Or add your personal touch to them. The point is to try to make December something nice, for yourself, the ones you love, well… for everyone. This month is the closing of the year, and I believe we should close it up in the best way possible.

I am excited since actually today I went shopping for some Christmas cards and I will send some around. Would love to send one to every person I love but I will probably run out of ink, paper, hand mobility and money. Still, I hope you all send at least one Christmas letter and receive one, I trully believe snail male should not die.

I also leave to you a video I shared some days ago in my Facebook profile: This could count as the TED talk of the challenge, though you should definitely check others, there are so many and a lot of them are really worth watching.




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