First of all: thank you to my Facebook friends who replied to my status. This is for you. 

Second: Yeah, I know I have been away from the blog for a bit, but these vacation weeks have been crazy. It was already my second week of vacation and I was STILL going to university to solve some small issues and by the time I was done with that I had to start planning for my bike trip around the island. Adding to that, crazy random “business” meetings with the owner of the future best pizza restaurant in Taipei… when I mean business it is like 40% eating, 30% talking nonsense 20% being mean to each other and 10% actual business talk.

So now, what I come to talk about…


For the ones who don’t know the story behind this post… I posted a status at 12:00am on my Facebook asking my friends “If I should write a post tonight, what should it be about? First comment goes.” (big mistake) I was actually waiting for something deep. Love, forgiveness, how is my winterbreak going, the most romantic gesture I’ve had, what I believe a prince charming should be like, my plans for a future, etc… But, of course, I did not count with the fact that all my Facebook friends are food junkies. So the comments were the following:


Exactly what you read. Pizza, tamales, mojitos, BBQ, and baleadas. 

When I ended up with that list I felt the same way a competitor in Master Chef feels when he is told he needs to do a soup of marshmellows, spinach, cranberry and sour cream. But as any someday to be artist and bad writer, I should try to be able to be write about anything. So… here it goes.

giphy.gifFood has always been of key importance to me. ALWAYS. I come from a family where there have been two awesome bakers: my mom and my eldest sister. I’ve been used to always having a cake on the table or in the fridge (no wonder where my sweet tooth came from, uh?), my other sister is expert in any food that involves deep frying, my brother is my loyal companion for eating the fattiest things you can imagine and my dad makes the best pancakes in the world and can turn ANY mix of ingredients into a dish. So, let the food stories begin…

When I was three years old I was a fat kiddo, fat to the photo 3 (9)point that my mom took me to the nutricionist because she was scared I might be too… full of love. The thing is the nutritionist was in shock when she found out that that (this double that feels weird) three year old (yes, me) ate a whole baleada with egg, beans, cream, cheese, chorizo, plantain, and avocado for breakfast. So as a diet starter to get that fatty kiddo back in track, she told my mom that they should give me just half a baleada. Story goes, that I cried every breakfast for a whole week saying they did not love me because they did not feed me. So, just picture a three year old fatty girl crying and saying “You want to starve me… you don’t love me”. Yes, that was me!

Now I am still a faithful baleada lover. My first baleada in Honduras last year weighted almost a ton and had almost all the ingredients that the restaurant offered. Plus, let’s not forget the baleadas you buy in the streets, I had a really good one after the ColorRun and the baleadas my godmother does… sweet lord, that is heaven. For all of you who have never tried a baleada, YOU NEED TO. 


Okay, we can scratch baleadas off the list.


TAMALES! Here comes my biggest confession: I have never liked tamales… Until now that I am in Taiwan, of course. I am part of the tendency of not loving something until you can no longer have it. But I do have a tamal story! I think it was in December (in what other season are tamales even made?) when I was almost falling asleep and my mom received a phone call; it was my godmother announcing her first round of tamales were ready. It did not take much for my entire house to be inside a cab on the way to my godmother’s house. Yes, it was like 11:00pm, yes, I went on the back compartment of the car with my brother since we were 7 on a single tourism car… and yes, we all went in pijamas. That my friends is how powerful tamales are. Hondurans can’t say no to tamales. Never.


Tamales: checked.

tumblr_lvliauTlvF1qalg37o1_400.gifMojitos and BBQ. Last year, in summer, I was back to my homeland… and one of my oldest friends who also came to Taiwan with me went back also. So, we did a small BBQ at her place, and it felt like a dejavu since two years before we did the same thing just before we got the notice we were accepted for coming to Taiwan. I saw my friend, Maru (the host), was drinking something I thought was lemonade with mint. So I was constantly stealing from her mason jar a couple of sips until her mom and dad made a whole big jar for all of us. Ana, aka Houston: one of my closest friends who does not drink alcohol at all, asked me what it was and I confidently said lemonade. Thing is… it was not lemonade but mojito. For some strange reason I did not feel the alcohol in the first one Maru was drinking. NO, I am not immune to alcohol… maybe it was just that I did not expect it. So, Ana ended up having to drink her mojito because she is too nice to throw it away and hating me silently. (I know she liked it though) 

And when it comes to BBQ, DSC08139I can just think about Germany. A big vast field just for Natha, Emma, Henni and me. Apple wine, tons of meat, grilling the meat while being on the floor, tons of laughing, trying to decipher the German language, stars dancing… and climbing a cherry tree and losing half of my face when trying to climb down with a bunch of cherries in both hands. Oh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this but when I was in Germany I drank way more wine than beer. Sorry to disappoint you guys! Though the wine was really good!

giphy (1).gifLast but not least… PIZZA. My favorite food in this world. Pizza is love. Love is pizza. I am not surprise to realize the fact I have a pizza related memory with every single person I have deeply loved. Pizza Hut dinners with my family, pizza in sleepovers with my best friends, having pizza at the mall after a sleepless night, buying a whole Costco pizza and eating it between two persons, pizza lunch, pizza and movies, getting pizza delivered as a Valentine’s gift, homemade pizzas in wheat flour tortillas, going for pizza dinner three times on the week of my birthday, going as a kindergarten student to make pizzas to Pizza Hut… well, you get my point. But the memory I will talk about this time… will be the epic way of getting over a breakup through pizza with my best friend.

It was 2011, I was 15, back then I swear it was the end of the world for me since I was as infatuated as a 15 year old girl can be. my best friend got to my place and together we went to get a pizza and then went up to my rooftop (oh, how I miss that place). We ate pizza while the sun was setting and he was dancing and singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and telling me his crazy high shool stories. Everything seemed okay and everything felt okay, and that was the exact same day I knew I had a best friend for life. How can it not be the perfect moment? A great friend, sunset, Queen and PIZZA.

So these are some of my random food stories… for today. Which leave me thinking: How can people not have food as one of their priorities? I will never understand. Of course, I understand eating healthy and all that. I actually admire those who can keep a clean diet for long… but also I don’t envy the strict lifestyle of never giving in to a sweet piece of chocolate, a nice slice of pizza, or a huge hamburger. Maybe that’s why there’s a tummy protecting my sexy abs… maybe.


Okay, I know. Not the deepest entry in this blog but… I did enjoy this. Maybe I will try to continue doing this crazy project of a random entry chosen by my Facebook friends once a month, or something like that.

I will really REALLY try to write something this Thursday since on Friday morning I will go in the biggest adventure I’ve had so far: biking around all Taiwan. Yes, you read that right. I am going with my 學妹 Nathalia around Taiwan for two weeks with one backpack and a bicycle each. I will definitely write a couple of blog posts of all this adventure in what will be left of February.

Oh, and also! I signed up for my first 21K. FOR REAL THIS TIME. Last one I could not run since I got sick the same week as the event… but this time we will do it! For anyone who is interested in running a 10K or a half marathon, contact me! I am glad to guide you to the dark side of the running world.

I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂! (in case I don’t get to write my entry tomorrow) and welcome the year of the monkey. 


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