Four Days in Vienna

“Slow down you crazy child”, I listen to this song in 13 Going on 30 while tearing up because Matt will marry and Jenna couldn’t do anything about it. After the movie is over it doesn’t only leave me the strong believe that at 30 I will be flirting and thriving and a happy ending that adds up to my hopeless romanticism but also an obsession with a new song.

It seems written directly for me; mentioning my anxiousness and fear for the future “If you’re so smart tell me why are you still so afraid”, and also pointing out my tendency of wanting to do everything today, now: You’ve got so much to do and only so many hours in a day. Of course, it also gives me a solution to everything, the answer to the big question:

“When will you realize Vienna waits for you?”

That’s all it took for me to become fixated that someday, somehow I had to visit that city in Europe, a continent that seem like a platonic love back then at 12.

I would love to say that my love for Vienna was ignited by it’s history, it’s music and artists… but no. I learned about all those months and years later and even though they were great points I must be honest with all of you. Vienna was stuck in my head long before I became a fan of Gustav Klimt’s mastering of the gold foil.

And well, Vienna waited for me and contrary to what’s expected of a love based on ideas, pictures and others’ opinions when the encounter became reality there was no disappointment but the affirmation that dream cities do exist and Vienna is one of them.

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How I’ve Missed You My Dear… Sea.


I don’t know if I have mentioned it yet, but I love the beach. Well, I love any place out of the city: countryside, mountain, beach, etc. And this weekend I took a spiritual retreat (okay, vacation) with my best friend and three of her friends, who turned out to be really cool people, to the perfect Caribbean beaches of Honduras.

I swear I don’t say this because it is my country, but Honduras does have amazing perfect beaches. Just picture it: warm water, small waves, white sand, big palm trees, awesome restaurants near the whole coast, and music somewhere playing in the background. If it wasn’t because I bathed myself in sun block I would probably be black as the night by today, hours go so fast when you are in paradise!

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