Four Days in Vienna

“Slow down you crazy child”, I listen to this song in 13 Going on 30 while tearing up because Matt will marry and Jenna couldn’t do anything about it. After the movie is over it doesn’t only leave me the strong believe that at 30 I will be flirting and thriving and a happy ending that adds up to my hopeless romanticism but also an obsession with a new song.

It seems written directly for me; mentioning my anxiousness and fear for the future “If you’re so smart tell me why are you still so afraid”, and also pointing out my tendency of wanting to do everything today, now: You’ve got so much to do and only so many hours in a day. Of course, it also gives me a solution to everything, the answer to the big question:

“When will you realize Vienna waits for you?”

That’s all it took for me to become fixated that someday, somehow I had to visit that city in Europe, a continent that seem like a platonic love back then at 12.

I would love to say that my love for Vienna was ignited by it’s history, it’s music and artists… but no. I learned about all those months and years later and even though they were great points I must be honest with all of you. Vienna was stuck in my head long before I became a fan of Gustav Klimt’s mastering of the gold foil.

And well, Vienna waited for me and contrary to what’s expected of a love based on ideas, pictures and others’ opinions when the encounter became reality there was no disappointment but the affirmation that dream cities do exist and Vienna is one of them.

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First of all: thank you to my Facebook friends who replied to my status. This is for you. 

Second: Yeah, I know I have been away from the blog for a bit, but these vacation weeks have been crazy. It was already my second week of vacation and I was STILL going to university to solve some small issues and by the time I was done with that I had to start planning for my bike trip around the island. Adding to that, crazy random “business” meetings with the owner of the future best pizza restaurant in Taipei… when I mean business it is like 40% eating, 30% talking nonsense 20% being mean to each other and 10% actual business talk.

So now, what I come to talk about…


For the ones who don’t know the story behind this post… I posted a status at 12:00am on my Facebook asking my friends “If I should write a post tonight, what should it be about? First comment goes.” (big mistake) I was actually waiting for something deep. Love, forgiveness, how is my winterbreak going, the most romantic gesture I’ve had, what I believe a prince charming should be like, my plans for a future, etc… But, of course, I did not count with the fact that all my Facebook friends are food junkies. So the comments were the following:


Exactly what you read. Pizza, tamales, mojitos, BBQ, and baleadas. 

When I ended up with that list I felt the same way a competitor in Master Chef feels when he is told he needs to do a soup of marshmellows, spinach, cranberry and sour cream. But as any someday to be artist and bad writer, I should try to be able to be write about anything. So… here it goes.

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FAQ When You Are Back

Well, when I just got to Honduras I started working on this post but didn’t upload it… until now. It’s a small summary of the questions I ALWAYS got when I met someone for the first time during my visit back home. Probably missing some, but these are the ones I can recall in the moment.


  1. Did you leave any Chinese (yeah, they don’t use the word Taiwanese, sorry guys…) back there? Did you like any Chinese? Well, my studies are going g- ahhh you want to talk about my love life. Okay.
  2. Can you speak already? Uhm, I guess… sort of. At least I can survive and order a bacon cheese danping at 5am.
  3. When are you leaving? Can we just NOT talk about that?
  4. And the food? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE? Do you find NORMAL food over there? Yes, there are supeeeermarkeeeets and BK and McDonald’s and sandwiches… and oatmeal. I can find almost anything. ALMOST. Except plantain. God, I did miss plantain.
  5. Did you already got used to living so far? Not really but… there are planes, trains and cars. Plus, Taiwan is now a second home to me.
  6. Did you miss your tortillas and beans? HELL YES! And plantain, oh my God PLANTAIN.
  7. And… when you graduate are you coming back? Are you staying there to live and work? AND THEN? WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? I still have three years to go, chill. My plans are as far as to what I’m having tomorrow for breakfast.
  8. You are doing great in your classes, RIGHT? Yeah… great… *cries*
  9. How is it? EVERYTHING! Uhm… let me start by… damn, that’s a broad question.
  10. Are your classes in Mandarin? Do you understand? Some of them yes, and no… maybe one third of what the professor says and uhm, that 1/3 is not coming on the test.
  11. When are you coming back again? As soon as I can. 
  12. Are you bringing your boyfriend next time? Lalala *elevator music* Boyfriend what?
  13. So you don’t like Hondurans anymore right? Now you are a citizen of the world! Lalala *MORE elevator music*
  14. Is it difficult (uni)? YES.
  15. To what other countries have you’ve been to? Oh well… *takes out powerpoint with pictures*
  16. Which country is your favorite? *takes out second powerpoint*
  17. Say something in Chinese!!!! Uhm… Niiiiiiihaaaaaoooooo, woooo jiaaaao Ericka. Wooo xiiihuaaaan shuiiijiao (dumplings) *impresses everyone*
  18. Can you cook anything Taiwanese? Like wonton and sweet and sour pork. That’s not Taiwanese. WHAAAAT!?
  19. And are Asians like… super smart? Yep. It’s not a stereotype.
  20. Did you eat rats?! NOOOOOOOO. (I hope)
  21. Why should I visit Taiwan? Why not!? (for more reasons click HERE)
  22. So you like Asians now? Really? Back to this topic? But yeah, I must confess that now I find Asians more attractive than what I did before. 

Okay, now back to Linear Algebra.

40 Things I Smile For

If someone were to ask me if I’m happy I’m happy to admit that I would answer that I’m an authentically happy human being. Of course there are some ups and downs and turn arounds… but most of the times I feel blessed, lucky, and thankful for all that I have. So, let me share with you some small things that make me happy, steal a smile from my face and even leave me thinking “lol, awesome” for a whole day.

1. BREAKFAST. If I wake up at 12:00pm, it’s still breakfast time. If I wake up at 6:00am and eat breakfast but at 10am I’m already hungry again… well, time for a second breakfast. I think there’s no better feeling than waking up hungry to the prospect of a nice brekfast (which is the best meal of the day).

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19: The Last Teen

Started writing this entry yesterday, May 16th.

Before actually starting this entry, let me just inform you that in this moment I’m eating my eighth piece of cheesecake in the last 36 hours. Why is this even relevant? Because it’s cheesecake. Cheesecake is relevant. ALWAYS.

Birthdays have always been a BIG deal30c744a23fc46a203003a6e2e8990465  for me. When I say birthdays, I mean other people’s birthdays though. When it comes to my birthdays I’m terribly bipolar; some days you’ll see me excited deciding about my birthday plans, next day I will be overthinking my existence and dreading the date. This time I was even trying not to give it much importance… ended up having four birthdays dinners, one birthday lunch, and eating approximately… twenty birthday desserts. And that’s the thing about birthdays, that it gets to be an amazing day because of all the persons who love you. Thanks to God, I have the best persons in this world and they made my day the best starter for a new year of life.

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On Top Of The World

So many things, so many things! I will try to update you about the last events in a concise, precise and efficient way (ok, not really efficient or concise either) without boring you. I have to confess that now I’m always thinking “Oh, I should write this on my blog” or “Mmmm, that might be a good topic to do an entry about”, but then the days go by and I don’t find the time to sit and write. Plus, lately I appreciate my hours of sleep more than usual so, I’ve been trying to NOT stay thaaat late up (by late I mean, after 2am). But today I’m making an exception! I even did a small acrylic painting, which I will upload here later and now writing this entry. Talking about painting, now I like painting in canvas more than before. I am planning on buying a big one and doing something nice and invest more time on it than on my regular late night paintings which normally take 2 hours tops. Oh, lord… I do know how to talk about nothing… let’s get back on the topic.

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