Goodbye, it was good though.

tumblr_nhfhajdu2o1rkao3fo1_400As 2016 is finishing we have to manage to say goodbye to one part of us. One whole year of experiences, challenges, memories, opportunities, people. As any other cycle it must have its end or it might turn into something harmful to us . So let’s embrace these last days and get ready to whisper goodbye as the fireworks light up the night sky of the first day of 2017.

The task that comes together with beginning a new year is not easy, somehow we have to look through all what has happenned on these 12 months and decide what to keep and what to let go. Of course, we fill up our “luggage” with everything we can but as in any trip there is a maximum weight, so no… You cannot take everything.

So, what are we supposed to take?

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General Update.

photo 3 (4)I have not written much these past weeks, shame on me. But I got my reasons! So much has been going on lately I can’t even manage to put it all in an entry. First of all, most important of all: I am an aunt, the aunt of a beautiful and charming baby girl who was born on September 3rd. If I ever thought I have fallen in love before, this totally wrecks it. Everything she does seems wonderful to me, I can stare at her for hours, her smiles make me happy, when she cries I would give everything to stop whatever is bothering her, and to my eyes she is the most beautiful human being to step on touch Earth.

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