New Beginnings

Pack all you have learned (no, not those college lectures), pack the falls and the healings, the ups and the downs. Wrap carefully those bonds that grew not with the years but by coffees, shared books and conversations till sunrise. Don’t forget the person you’ve built during these years and tie to it the good wishes of those who love you and want nothing but the best for you.

Don’t put in your carry-on those kisses that had no end and left you breathless and thirsty, they could try to take a them away saying you can’t bring with you dangerous weapons. Fill your bottle with energy and desires to begin again. Leave the photo albums behind, they’re extra weight, better take all the memories and a bit more of space for new ones. 

Hey! Wait! Don’t even dare to leave without the keys to your future, your power and right of deciding what to do next, and all those dreams you’ve had since you were 10. Is there’s still more space in your luggage? There better be, because we’re still missing your mom’s recipes to cure a brokenheart and the smell of your favorite coffee shop.

Take all the hugs and smiles in case of nostalgia. Bring your home inside you so you don’t get cold. Remember you always have somewhere to go back but pretend you forgot the address because right now is time to just move forward. Make sure you have your global visa because there’s no frontier or wall to keep you away from your goals. Just keep your eyes forward and your heart strong.

You might be heading on your own right now but you’re never alone. The stars look upon you and the wind blows your sails. Where are you going? That’s right: NO IDEA. But wherever you end, that’s the right place to grow roots or maybe just charge up your batteries before the next flight. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong, because there’s no one that has lived your life before so whatever you do it’s the best someone will ever do.

Run! This is the last call!

Fight 103, Destination: New Beginnings


Art & Feelings (from the inside)

Some days ago I was talking with a friend of how happy I am lately: All smiles, staring at the sky and shaping the clouds in my mind, singing while biking in the street, all sunshine… and the first thing he told me (to my surprise) was that he was hoping I wouldn’t stop writing and painting due to all this happiness.

I’ve already commented in other posts my belief that the best art comes from the biggest sorrows. Maybe it is our desesperation to free our soul at least from something, to throw away a bit of all the things that we are carrying… maybe it is all the things we want to scream but we don’t dare to say. It is easy to scream to the world how happy we are but we tend to hide our sadness and well… that sinks the soul to the point we have to do something or else we’ll drown and that is when art comes to the rescue.


What happens when happiness is so overwhelming we want to get it out? What happens when the butterflies fill your chest and you have to tear yourself open or else you’ll explode? What happens when everything seems brighter and you want to capture a moment forever?

Art happens. 

These last couple of months I’ve been keeping a careful record of the drawings I do and when I do them… Am I feeling happy? Have I just hung up from a two hour phone call with that someone? Have I had a bad day because nostalgia decided to visit? And everytime I draw I wrote what I was thinking or feeling…

So let’s get a bit personal… follow me to a small tour around my mind these past months.

(though, sometimes drawings are not so much about me but what surrounds me… countless times I’ve seen something in the streets while I ride bike and ended up writing or drawing about it)

1517626_10154009139921948_4899726402216509845_n“Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness and you fill my head with you”

Bloom – Paper Kites was playing on Spotify in repeat while I was drawing this. Why am I even playing this song in repeat? Oh no…

Then the lyrics get stuck to me and I am getting tired of it… it’s been a couple of weeks without drawing and I think I am in one of those “inspirational breaks”. But all of a sudden I feel the need to show what I am feeling so I grab my pen and it starts. A girl with her lungs full of butterflies (because having a stomach full of butterflies is too mainstream)… and in her head, or well in her hair, we see this lonely fox staring at the far moon. When all of a sudden this butterfly touches his nose and… loneliness is not so lonely anymore.

I was watching Sia’s Carpool 12885843_10154017548201948_3561206874277318735_oKaraoke when she started singing Elastic Heart. I just found her song so powerful that I HAD to do something. I went to read the lyrics and played it a couple of times. When this picture came to my mind… A girl with her heart being teared away… but not just that but her heart is made of ink which turns into birds… which are the same birds who are then fighting for her heart. I know, it sounds crazy… but this is actually my interpretation of a love that turns harmful. It is something that was part of your heart before… but then it starts hurting you. And since love is blind she has her eyes covered with a bandage which at the end if we watch closely (in the real life vesion it is easier to decipher this) is a bandage made of the words “Love Love Love”.

12928217_10154053946776948_3819573433392966708_nI also did this one with a song! Fever To The Form – Nick Mulvey. But I think this one was more about the rythm than the lyrics… It got me to think of the sea, I do not know why. And then that made me think of the beach… which lead me to think of being in the beach with someone… which lead me to think of love.

I believe falling in love is not actually falling in love, falling in love is diving in love. I think that we have no choice on which persons we connect with or we are attracted to, but falling in love is taking that step of jumping in. And loving someone normally is not easy, since it involves getting close to them and attaching. So this is why this drawing has a tiny woman at the border of a plank ready to dive in, into a sea (the other person’s mind) full of unknown monsters (the other person’s fears), waves (the other person’s mood), mermaids (past lovers), with the only salvation of a tiny boat (hope)… So I tried to capture that exact moment when you look down and you see all this, but still take the leap and… yeah.

Delilah – Florence and the Machine. This12670691_10154036504796948_6364641904746468129_n one is a drawing someone asked me to do, well… they picked the song. I love Florence and the Machine so I was happy to do so. Delilah is a song which makes me think of someone wanting to be set free… in addition to the strength of Florence’s voice and the crazy (amazing) video I could not do anything but use red a red pen and draw all these faces screaming to be set free, to be saved…. Then I thought of the soul rising when being set free and a the eternal wave of thoughts that fills a person’s mind… so I drew the woman on top being held by some strings and her hair falling down creating some sound waves representing the strength of her demons (with demons I don’t mean literal demons) inside her mind… (please, don’t think I am crazy)

12933023_10154056320001948_8978227702152735960_nThis one I did it on the bus on our way to Chiayi, the time we climbed up Alishan to watch the sunrise. There was something (someone) going on my mind for a long time already and I just wondered what would my mother think about it (him) so I thought the biggest question I have since five years ago “Are you here?” and I answered myself through the drawing in the stars which spell “I’M HERE” and with the mother fox sleeping inside the moon while her tiny fox is resting besides her grave under a tree. (This one is easier to explain and understand than the others, SEE! I am not THAT crazy)

13063013_10154114160501948_4659815133247301543_oIt’s been a while since I’ve been writing and drawing about love, right? So… this time I tried to draw about it again but with a whole different point of view: a happy one. This time there is also a song involved (Oh, so unexpected) but this one is in Spanish (ha, that was actually unexpected!) Espacio Sideral – Jesse & Joy which talks about loving someone and feeling all these nice things. So… remember the girl with butterflies from the first drawing? Well, I drew her as a doll this time… and she is openning her chest (exactly where her heart is) and butterflies are coming out to this crazy world. Then in the background we see some mini-me’s doing some crazy stuff such as reaching for the stars, swinging on the moon, climbing Saturn, walking under the rain and tanning on the sun. So… we could say this is the representation of the bubbly feeling of love in Ericka style.


Last but not least, I bring to you my first drawing in full color after a while (which is also my own statement of a new phase, a new beginning)… Fire and Ice, Sun and Moon, Explosions and Calmness, Day and Night, see it however you want to see it, I just believe it is two souls meeting… The red fox representing all this wild things while the blue fox representing something more calm, so we can see that the blue fox is placing his nose in the… “forehead” of the other fox in a way of saying “there, there… here I am, calm down”. Which I guess can be what some people with chaos going inside there minds is all they need to hear from the right person on the right time.

So, yeah… these are some of the drawings I’ve been doing lately and some of the things that have been around my mind. What I want to say with all this is 1. Yes, I told you I am crazy. 2. Yes, I told you I’ve been drawing what comes up to my mind lately. 3. There is no NEED for sadness to get artsy… I believe we just need an overwhelming feeling. Positive, or negative.

So, happy Ericka, sad Ericka, angry Ericka, in love Ericka, lonely Ericka, super excited Ericka, frustrated Ericka, all of them can create art. (except Finals and Midterms and Projects Ericka, I hope she doesn’t because I do not want Failing Ericka to appear this semester).

Hope you enjoyed this and do not think I have to go to a psychologist!

Art is what the Heart speaks… and I believe all our hearts are able to speak more than sadness.



WERUNTPE2016 – Nike Women Half Marathon

5 (2)One year ago, or well 364 days ago I had my first run experience. I registered myself to the Earth Day Run one random night of March and challenged myself to complete 12.5K when I had not run in any event before. I had less than a month to train but as soon as I received my confirmation e-mail something in me clicked. I had a deadline, a challenging distance for a beginner and no intention of defrauding myself. Next morning I started a four week training in which the track close to my house and me became great friends. I trained by myself every morning or night mixing long runs, short intervals with speed, and some gym sessions.

I completed my race panting and with my legs almost shaking, but when I received my running medal it was all worth it. I loved it and just in 2015 I did other four more. Soon I was full of race shirts, using sport bras in a daily basis, carrying my huge neon pink gym bag around campus every week day and getting way too excited every time I saw the SALE advertisements in any sports store (Nike, to be specific… Yes, I am a Nike fan. I do not even know how it happenned but now there is no going back. Sorry bank account, so sorry)

Without knowing it I became something new: I became a runner.

It was weird for me to accept it at the beginning. iPhone 1000When my friends joked about me having a “fit lifestyle” I would shrugged while finishing my second donut. I have never been sporty before, I was the type of kid in school and high school who would worry more about her grade in PE than in Math class… for real. In addition to that, my legs were sticks and by the second squat I would be wondering what had I done to deserve such a punishment. My brother would joke and always tell me “You know, being thin is not being fit”… and I would just laugh and think who the hell wants to be “fit”? Who needs that? Let me couch potato. So, I guess you get the picture.

Ericka and exercise… in the same sentence? Pfff.

But then you start becoming acquainted with the grandpas in the track. You go to the park and even forget you said you would only run a quick 5K and do 10K instead. The price of running sneakers doesn’t seem ridiculous to you anymore and you don’t even think twice before getting the ones you want. A 10K run in the park becomes a nice way to begin a Sunday morning. You go during the Track and Field practice times to the university track just to watch them with great awe (okay, I sound stalker but… have you ever watched them? THEY ARE AWESOME) You don’t understand how people say they “cannot run” (I am the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet, I believe I practice running because it just takes to move your feet at a constant pace… so it is hard to get hit by a ball in the stomach, tumble, roll down a hill, fall in your face, or anything I would definitely suffer in any other sports)and all of a sudden there you are, 1 year after at 5:29am about to begin your first half marathon.

Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetFirst of all, I woke up super late… My plan was to be out of my house by 4:00am since the run started at 5:30am. I openned my eyes at 4:11am but since I had EVERYTHING ready it took me just 19 minutes to be downstairs stopping a cab. I found some girls and the boyfriend of one who were waiting also… it was easy to notice they were also going to the Nike run so I told them to come with me. So, yeah… it was 4:30am and I was in a cab with three strangers on my way to the run. When we were almost arriving the sky started to fall… with this I mean THUNDERS and pouring rain. Still… there I was, and I preferred to get soaked in the rain and go and leave my things first… so I left my umbrella in my bookbag and my raincoat (I was not going to run holding an umbrella so.. oh well). There is when I noticed a lot of girls who had a friend/parent/boyfriend with them and they were holding the umbrella for them (ALL BYYYY MYYYSELF started playing in the back of my mind)... so I made a self-note “Convince someone to come with me next year”

Processed with VSCO


I cannot really describe this feeling… Adrenaline, I guess. You are waiting with your cellphone in hand, ready to press play in Spotify to the playlist you created specifically for THIS run (you can listen to it in here) and to press “Start Run” in the Nike+ app as soon as you cross the sensors. One, two, one, two… I look down and look at my left ankle which I bathed in mentholatum an hour before, then cover with a patch and finished putting a ankle-band-support-thing (yes, I don’t remember the name right now… shh)

Processed with VSCO

Start Line

Please, just let me finish… I think, and then Sweet Disposition starts playing. And I am on kilometer 0 of 21.

Processed with VSCO

The first 3 kilometers and the last 2 were the toughest for me, the other 16 in between I just went by even singing from time to time or moving my hands to the beat of the playing song. I also loved every pit stop… they were crazy. There were the official pit stops of Nike which included: water, energy drinks, bananas, SPONGES! which were soaked in cold water so you cleaned your face and arms with them and ahhh… refreshing, chocolates, cookies, and so on. But there were also some pit stops from sponsors which had more chocolates, sweets, and one even had COKE… and the most hilarious one: some guys made a pit stop with beer. Yep, beer. People stand at the border of the road just to shout 加油! which is an incentive here in Taiwan which literal translation is “add oil”, but means “Go! Keep on! You can do this!” and offered their hands to receive high fives. I have no idea why but every time I gave a high five I got super pumped up! A million thanks to every person who was there today, for real… you made a difference to me (yeah, they won’t probably read my blog but shhh)

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetBy the last two kilometer I was dying. DYING. And girls around me were starting to walk, my ankle was starting to hurt way too much but… come on, 2 KM equals to 5 laps in the track… YOU-CAN-DO-THIS-ERICKA. So there I went… jogging like a grandpa but not stopping. When just 1KM was missing there were some guys playing the drums and some heavy music playing and that was all I needed to make the last effort…

21KM, smile… and AHHHHH MY ANKLE!

I walk down, get interviewed and then I pick up my medal, the Finisher shirt and a towel and join the rest of the runners at the finish event. Music, crowd, cameras, food, physioterapic massage! (Nike, you are AMAZING)…

I definitely recommend everyone to join running events. It gives you a purpose to run for! If you are in Taiwan, ask me! Normally I know a couple of events happenning soon, and even though I wouldn’t be able to join you for training (I am taking at least a month of REAL rest) I can always talk to you, give you any of the tips I use (though I am not professional at all, but… it works at least) so yeah…Processed with VSCO


(I say team, but it is actually just me. The happy turtle because I am not fast at all but… once I start stopping is not an option)

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this! Who challenged me to this! Who motivated for this!

Goodbye Aesthetics

First of all, today I had this song in replay all day long. No real reason, it just happenned so it will be cool if you read the entry while listening to it!

“Why did you stop painting pretty things?”

When this question hit me a couple of days ago I actually wasn’t sure how to react. Of course my first instict was to feel offended. My drawings are like my babies, or a depiction of how I see the world and myself, therefore it felt as a critic towards myself rather than just to the ink and paper. I paused my drawing process (yes, I was drawing at that moment) and directed all my attention to this humanbeing, but before snapping out an ugly answer I took a second to think and asked back “What do you mean with pretty?”

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It’s Okay to Be a Little Messed Up.

It’s finals season which leads me to cooking, drawing, getting back in touch with old friends, cleaning my room, staring into a blank spot in the wall, reading all Berlin Art Parasites posts, checking airplane tickets to a thousand destinations for “someday to be” plans, looking at old phootographs, etc. So, no better season to get a little inspired, right?

20160102_072702As a new year begins I try to get all my mess in order. Try to tidy it up a bit before starting a whole new cycle and well, trying to make it better, but… Still, I find myself carrying a couple of unanswered questions which have been part of my luggage since years, months, weeks or days. Still, I am having conversations with ghosts of those who left. Still I procrastinate until the last night before the deadline. Still I crave McDonald’s every 4:00am that finds me awake. Still I am thinking whether I made the wrong choice of major. Still I read old letters over and over and over again. Still I sleep “power naps” that last over two hours. Still I am writing when I should be reading System Programming powerpoints… so basically, I am still a mess.

But then, I look back to the times when I’ve been the most under-control-no-mess-less-emotional human being. Maybe somewhere along the beginning of  my third year of high school. Family: check. In love? Pff, who needs that. Friends: check. Grades: double check. Spare time: check. Social life: check. Drama: close to zero. (I even remember answering to an impulsive love confession of a friend with a “awww… So what are you doing now?”, not even a moment for considerations, no long paragraph about wrong timing and things like that, NADA)

I was happy, I don’t doubt it at all. I had everything I wanted and all my puzzle pieces fitted perfectly. I had never experience a farewell. Or a heartbreak. My biggest strive in school was keeping my locker in order. Death was something I saw in television only with a lot of ketchup blood splattered all around. Feeling alone was what I felt when my best friend did not go to school. Goodbye was synonym of “see you soon” and being far from those I love was maybe being on different cities, same country. Sounds pretty easy, right? But also, back then I did not paint… I did not run… I did not write. So, was that even me?

And when I’ve been the calmest the flow of art reduces. They are definitely inversely proportional. (Oh damn, this girl must be really messed up right now then… Probably) So as I strive to tidy up a bit all this mess. Cut some strings, close some doors, let go of some memories, bury some feelings I can hear my inner (someday to be) artist screaming not to do it, not to kill her. Because each of this small chaos, each scar or well… each open wound, each open door to the midnight ghosts to come and visit, each faded photograph and live memory is what makes the artist alive.

So, maybe my New Years resolution should not be to “fix myself” (eww… no, who wants to be normal?). No need of making scars disappear. No need of burning old letters. No need of scaring ghosts away. Maybe my New Years resolution should be to keep on doing what makes me smile even with all t20160102_072625hose things going around. Paint a flower on every scar. Steal words from those old letters and create something beautiful. Run the extra mile and leave ghosts breathless as they try to catch me.

And oh, don’t get me wrong. Not all my paintings are sadness, not all my writings are about lost love, and when I run I am not always running away of my memories. But everyone needs a spark to ignite the fire… and maybe, just maybe my little mess is mine. 

It’s 3:27am and this is something I would normally write on my cellphone’s notepad and not share with anyone else. But… New year, you know.

We Need More Art

I have so much I want to talk about. So much going on this big head of mine that I don’t even know what this post is going to be about. Or well, first I’ll tell you a story and then I’ll move to the post, since I just figured out what I want to talk about, but I also want to share with you something.

It all started when I was running late for Salsa (I was planning on skipping for second time in a row but then that tiny voice in my head made me feel guilty and lazy so… I left my bed). I was running in the streets, some raindrops hitting on my face (and annoying me since I was wearing my normal glasses nad not contacts) and with music booming in my ears when Bloom – The Paper Kites started playing. All of a sudden my mind just traveled back to the past. It was February 2011, I was (almost) 15 and I was in the rooftop of my old apartment building.

In the morning when I wake
And the sun is coming through,

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Healthy In All Its Defintions

Hello there! I tend to focus a lot in the topic of emotional health when I write on my blog: appreciating yourself, loving others, being happy, a healthy relationship with family, blah blah. But today I want to talk about the other health. Yeah, the one in which you are supposed to eat boiled broccoli and exercise at least three times a week (scary, I know).

I should warn you I am no role model for this topic so, if you are someone who’s looking for pro-healthy-tips or how to lose weight in under a week… Well, my tip is: read the next blog. I am the girl who serves herself a whole plate just of desserts in the buffets, sleeps less than 7 hours a night, eats at least 5 servings of Häagen-Dazs at the Korean-All-You-Can-Eat-BBQ restaurant, and has huge OREO cravings at midnight. But because I am THAT type of person, the type which can’t diet or say no to a slice of cheese pizza, I’ve gotten around my way and found a balance (sort of).

First of all: The real struggle. I live in Shida Rd, for those who don’t live in Taiwan let me describe it to you: I live near four pizza restaurants, two burger places, I have two 24/7 convenience stores (full of all the unhealthy quick snacks) accros the street, Starbucks is the first floor of my building (for real), I have three bubble tea shops at less than 5 minutes walking distance, two Mexican restaurants around the corner, plus three cafes, oh and a night market just in front of me where you can find a variety of deep-fried things. I guess you get the idea, right? So I come from university, and there’s no plate of food waiting for poor tired Ericka and I have all these options, which some of them can cost me less than 2USD by the way, and I have to decide between cooking or just “get something downstairs”.

But that’s okay, you get used to it. And having some fruits, diced vegetables, whole-wheat bread, cheese and ham can be even a better lazy option than going 5 floors down and deciding what to eat. (My building actually has an elevator but shhhh…)

Second part. Sleep hours. There’s not much you can do when you are the queen/king of procrastination and your brain starts being functional around 10pm. All of a sudden it is 2 o’clock and you are just halfway of all the things you knew you had to do but… didn’t. Getting 8 hours of sleep is something that happens once or twice every two weeks and it might be after not sleeping more than four hours for three consecutive days. And that’s bad, since that leads to consumption of caffeine or anything you believe that can keep you awake, and sleep hours are BASIC in a healthy life.

And this is not so okay, since I still don’t know how I can make up for sleep hours, and I actually don’t think there’s a way to actually do so. But I have changed my sugar-overloaded cups of coffee by green tea, which is a healthier source of caffeine.

Third. The Potato Tendency. There’s nothing I love more than Netflix and chill… no, seriously. I am a lover of just laying on the flat’s sofa, or my own bed and watch whatever movie or series I find online, or why not even spend all my time reading useless but pretty interesting articles around the internet. Or just talking with my flatmates for hours until one of us brings the words “I’m hungry” up, and we all get something to eat. How you can see this involves little, or no physical activity and… I LOVE IT. 

But, that’s also okay. I actually do like exercising as well (not as much as being a potato, but oh well). This semester I’ve not sign up for the gym yet, but last semester you would see me carrying around a HUGE neon-pink gym bag around the whole campus, plus my heavy-laptop-food-notebook-loaded bookbag just to force myself to hit up the gym in any break or after class. Plus, I like running a lot. Besides all the restaurants I mentioned above I live at a 2 minute bike distance from a running track and at a 6 minute bike ride from my favorite park to jog, which is next to a river. (It’s name is Riverside Park, clever name) So I might not be as potato as I pictured myself just in the paragraph above.

Fourth. Those lovely things pieces of heaven named desserts. I am not kidding when I say I love desserts. I love desserts to the point that the way to get to my heart might be through desserts, or at least that’s what some people think. I’ve received cheesecake as an apologetic or romantic gift more than the times it is allowed for to call something just a “coincidence”. And on my birthday week I had approximately… 15 pieces of cheesecake. So, yeah… I have a soft spot for sweets. (I must remember you my sister is an engineer-baker, so just picture how my summer was regarding desserts terms, PAAARAAAADISE)

But then, guess what is also sweet: FRUITS. I love fruits, so I tend to buy lots of them at the supermarket and carry one or two in my bookbag as snacks. I add banana to my oatmeal, and even a bit of cinnamon to give it that sweet dessert-like taste. I drink my tea with no added sugar… and that’s about it. Of course, nothing can replace my sweet desserts, but I can lie to myself from time to time and say no to that Starbucks lemmon pie waiting for me downstairs.

So, how you can see… I don’t do anything out of this world. I still prefer a Swiss cheese mushroom burger over a bowl of salad, I don’t have a runway model body at all, and I am not proud of my sleeping schedule, but I think those small differences account for a lot when it comes to healthy terms. Since that’s actually my goal: keeping up healthy, or at least healthier than what I would be if I didn’t try.

So, let’s list everything up! (I love lists almost as much as I love parentheses)

  1. Drink water. Carry that bottle around and DRINK IT.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of green tea. it’s awesome.
  3. Add green to your smoothies. I promise that kale or spinach doesn’t even taste over the fruits (add at least a really sweet fruit, like banana).
  4. MOVE IT. Run, jump rope, bike, walk around the mall at least six times, go to the gym, dance, zumba, kick-boxing, hoola-hooping (I do this, don’t laugh), ANYTHING.
  5. DO MORE. It’s easy to settle down. “Oh, I’m doing 5k in a really good timing, great! I am the best!” Yes but… nooooo, now do 10K and set yourself a new goal.
  6. Get a partner. (Did I tell you the big news? I have a running buddy. FINALLY. And it’s so great to receive a call at 10:45pm when I have already lost the hope to go for a run and have Gabriel tell me “Meet you in the track in 10 minutes?”)8
  7. Motivate yourself. I actually love Nike Plus, it boosts me up everytime that voice tells me I’m marking one more kilometer, or congratulate me because of running 5x in a week. I don’t know about you, but I like a bit of appreciation for my efforts.
  8. Don’t focus on looking like an Instagram fitness model, the real goal is to be healthy.
  9. Tryyyyyyy to say no to all the junk food. And cut out the sodas, I swear after a couple of months you won’t miss them.
  10. Get a good playlist or make your own.
  11. Invest on yourself. MAKE IT RAIN with the sport clothes!!! Okay, maybe not to this extreme but I did find myself feeling a bit of a commitment when I bought my babies (my running shoes) and then I just get something new every once in a while. My last purchase were some Puma socks and I am sooooo glad about them, they do make a huge difference when running.
  12. Don’t do this for someone else, do it for yourself.

And probably you have read this tips in a thousand more fitness pages. But maybe it’s not bad to remind you of them and tell you that if I can stick to them (most of the times) you can as well. And why wait until mainstream January to start? Or boring Monday (though today is Monday over here)? Do it now. So you go and do it, yeah you, sexy beast.