Nostalgia for Her

28c4411cddb61af9740f61a11d6c60d6.jpgnostalgia (noun): a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

I wake up at 4:00am in the morning by the voice of my elder sister, as soon as I see her red face and her puffy eyes I know something is wrong, very very wrong. Her lips open but words don’t come out right at the moment, I stare blankly and think about the worst… Thing is I was wrong, what came out of her mouth was THE worst. 

“Mom is not with us anymore”

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Mother’s Day Homework

Homework? What? Well… if you read my post before this one or if you have known me for a while you should know that my mother is watching me from heaven for almost five years already. And now that I can’t have her with me I miss a lot of things that I took for granted or didn’t value (oh, we humans, only appreciating what we have already lost). So, instead of feeling sorry about it and being on a pessimistic mood today, I will share with you some of these things, and hope you take them into consideration today (and every single day after). So, HOMEWORK!

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Feliz Día Mamita Linda

Disclaimer: This entry has lots of feeling from my part, so if you are not into reading emotional mess, you can skip this one. 

This entry is for the most amazing human being that I have had in my life: my mom. Because she was is amazing and I think the whole world should know how amazing Aurora del Rosario Bastías Santis is.

Hey mom, it’s been a while. Things are crazy at the other side of the world and all of a sudden I’m almost nineteen. School is uhm… okay, I try to keep my bedroom organized though I still have too many useless stuff here and there that I know you would just throw to the garbage without even asking, and guess what? I started learning French after so many years of you telling me how you hated English when you were young and studied French better. No, I still haven’t forgotten that you were a rebel and that when the teacher asked you what is the English word for “trabajo” you answered “trabajation“, stood up and went outside the classroom. Yeah yeah, I try to keep the kitchen clean while I cook, though sometimes I do a mess when doing my morning smoothies, and I have turned at least four white shirts into pink… but let’s stop talking for a moment about me. We always talked about me when I sat down in the kitchen while you were cooking, and I used to talk to you about the guy I liked or how a teacher was being unbearable. So, let’s talk about you, okay?

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